Monday, April 25, 2011

Guest post: The Name Game (Contest!)

Today I'm squeeing to welcome the always random and always funny Linda Grimes. Linda, for some reason, is incredibly kind of to me and always comments on my posts, even though she's a super big shot now with a book deal and an agent and freaking hilarious blog, Visiting Reality.

I'm honored and pleased to welcome her as a Maternity Leave Guest Blogger ( MLGB).

The Name Game (Contest!)
by Linda Grimes

When Sierra asked me to babysit her blog for a day while she tended to, yannoh, having that real baby and all, I told her I'd be happy to, and asked if she had any preferred subject matter. She said she was fine with something random.


Free rein. *rubs hands together gleefully while looking around Sierra's beautifully organized blog* Hmmm…I suppose it would be uncool to totally vandalize the place while she's off being maternal. So scratch that idea.

Though, really, she might enjoy coming back and seeing her blog overrun with pink unicorns and rainbow puppies. I mean, who wouldn't?

*sighs* No. That would be mean. FUN, but mean. And I can't do that to a woman who is-about-to/has-just-given (depending on when she decides to post this) birth.

So I'll be good.

Hmmm. What shall we talk about?

Hey, I know! I've noticed that Sierra doesn't use the real names of family members on her blog. Her hubs is "Mr. Sierra" (which I'm sure he loves) and her son is "the whippersnapper." Tres cute.

How about we come up with suggestions for her new little bundle of joy? I will even send a sur-prize (probably goofy & basically worthless) to the person whose offering I like best. Bonus points if Sierra actually winds up using it! (Note from Sierra: I will use the winning entry. Against my better judgment, I'm agreeing to have Linda pick the winner. Make it good, please.)

What do you say? How would you like to see the new little BoJ referred to? (Um, I'm assuming Sierra won't go for BoJ, so let's just leave that one out.)

The Name Game will end whenever Sierra decides she's seen enough.



[You're still reading? Look, I know you've come to expect more, content-wise, from Sierra's blog. But it's not my fault she spoiled you. Really. Now, scoot. Go think up a better moniker for little BoJ. Trust me. Sierra will thank you for it.]

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