Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coming up for air

As many of you know or guessed, the blog has been on auto pilot a bit since I had my baby on April 19. It is all I can do check e-mail sometimes, let alone answer it, and blogging has been rather slightly out of reach. (I wrote this post over several nights and stolen moments of days.) I'm relieved that I baked so many posts for you and froze them ahead of time. And of course I am super mega trombone grateful to my awesome guest posters (excepting the nemesis of course!) for making my blog worthwhile as I sink into complete zombiedom in these early weeks of lack of sleep.
(That's Rainbow Puppy* pictured there, milk-drunk and passed out, at three weeks old.)

*Rainbow Puppy is thusly named because of Linda Grimes' guest post for me.

I really wanted to check in and say "hi!" I miss all of you, I miss reading my blogs, and I miss writing. All of that is on hold just now although I do pop on Twitter when I can and I do read blogs on my Google Reader app on my phone while I'm nursing Rainbow Puppy. Thank God for smart phones, because without mine I'd be a Luddite. I do read comments on my posts because I have it set that all comments are emailed to me. Thank you to everyone who continues to comment.

So, how are we? Doing great. But, parenting is hard. New babies are hard. Two kids are hard. Sleep deprivation is torture. I really miss writing, and my current WIP is on hold until I can actually sit without another human hanging off of me to write down all the ideas I've had time to form in my head while nursing or changing poopy diapers, because that is what my life has been reduced to. I'm all right with it. This is what I do right now. Of course, the second I'm not doing it anymore (i.e. the baby is sleeping through the night and I have more than a minute to myself), I'll be right in there again because one thing I know about writing: I love it, I can't stop doing it, and it is that thing that I get to do for myself.

What do you think you'd do if you were forced to take a break from writing, for whatever reason?

And a special hello to all my new followers-- thank you for thinking I might be semi interesting enough to read and follow...that is hugely, hugely flattering to this very hormonal mom.


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