Friday, May 6, 2011

Google Reader Roundup Re-run

This GRR originally ran on November 13, 2009.
On Monday, I have a truly despicable guest post for you from none other than my wicked Nemesis, Simon Larter.

  • Good God, the Rejectionist's Form Rejection Contest Winner is stunning. Guaranteed to instantly and effortlessly make you feel devoid of all intelligence and writing talent, it's so good.
  • Lots of posts this week from agents about not sweating queries--clearly, a movement is underfoot. Nathan Bransford, Michael Bourret at Dystel and Goderich, and Holly Root at Waxman (think this was mentioned last week's Roundup).
Don't forget to check back Monday for the most heinous of guest posts from my nemesis, Simon Larter.

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