Friday, June 3, 2011

Google Reader Roundup

I had some very bad nights this week with pretty much no sleep so this is a quick list for you -- but as always with some great (I think so anyway) posts. Thanks to all the bloggers below for writing such great content for me to then make a list out of. :)

  • Kristen Lippert-Martin keeps us laughing with the best blog post title ever: Obituaries and You, a post about what we can learn from those creepy little newspaper items.
  • Amber Tidd Murphy did this post on the eve of the supposed Rapture and it's quite lovely because it communicates very simply what it means to be a mother. And as mother to a newborn myself, with hormones raging and going on like 2 hours of sleep (not consecutive either) for the past three days total, I teared up just a wee bit. Not much. But anyway, it's a lovely post.
  • Finally, Perri at her blog Lesser Apricots (love the name) gave me an award, and called me "terrifically stylish" which might well be the most lovely thing anyone has ever said about me, and instantly made me want to marry her. But you should also check her weekly One Hit Wonder posts, wherein she is incorrect about Madness being a one hit wonder (Madness! Hello? Best ever! One Step Beyond? Yesterday's Men? Suggs = HOT!), but picks amusing other ones. Here is this week's.

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