Friday, June 24, 2011

Google Reader Roundup

First of all, I would like to re-announce the launch of my new design blog, Don't Leave Me This Way, a blog about usability and design and blogs and web sites. I've got a beautiful graph up there now for your designy pleasure. And, as promised, I'm giving away my super excellent chocolate chip recipe to people who follow that blog--winners announced on Monday.

  • I don't normally lead off the Roundup with my own post, so forgive me for being obnoxious...but yesterday I did a post about finding a writing mentor. I really loved writing that post because I got to shout out to some of my mentors. And, the author who sparked the whole idea, Sarah Pekkanen, dropped by to comment on it all.
  • Martha Alderson has a wonderful series on writing and structure and plot--truly excellent. I started watching the videos some time ago but she hadn't finished them at the time; now there are 27 of them. Her agent Jill Corcoran has them all in a convenient list for us.
  • I really liked this story of how author Robin O'Bryant got her agent, from her agent Jenny Bent. There are a lot of background similarities between myself and Robin. Except Robin is damn funny, and you can tell that by her story.
  • Roni Loren discusses convenient contrivances, and contrives to give us a convenient list of things to avoid conveniently contriving.
  • I love this post from Janice Hardy on better queries through movie trailers. I've long been fascinated by the ease with which movies seem to convey plots-- and trailers are supposed to entice you to view, just as queries are supposed to entice people to read.

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