Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Sleep and Writing

So Rainbow Puppy is three months old now. He's a darling baby and he and his older brother, the whippersnapper, get along swimmingly. I recognize I'm lucky in that. Rainbow Puppy doesn't have colic (like his brother did) and he's a very sweet boy who smiles and laughs a lot.

But he sleeps like a little demon.

I don't have any problems getting him to sleep (except sometimes), but he won't stay asleep when he's in his crib. He'll sleep fine in a swing and in my bed, but if he wakes up and finds himself in his crib, it's like someone stabbed him with a pitchfork. He won't tolerate it at all, even though his sheets are super cute and have piggies and kitties on them, and he has an equally cute bumper with cows and pigs and dogs and kitties. (You're not supposed to have bumpers on cribs these days, I know. I'll remove it once he starts moving.)

I really have no idea what to do except let him scream in his crib. It's a total battle of wills, and I have a feeling I'm going to lose. I desperately want him out of my damn bed, but I also want to sleep. It's very stressful.

The end result of his will against mine is that I am exhausted and my energy level for working on my WIP is greatly reduced and tends to comes in fits and starts (rather like his sleep). It's just a challenge right now. I just got done getting over the complete brain death that resulted from pregnancy.

It's always something, isn't it? We always have some calamity in our lives that could keep us from writing. When Rainbow Puppy is finally sleeping better (please God soon please I'll be your best friend), he'll probably start the teething hell. Then it'll be nightmares. It's always something.

Despite all this, I'm still writing. I do it because I want to, because it's my me-time, but most of all I do it because I refuse to stop.

What kinds of things have you had going on in your life that made you slow down your writing? Did you write anyway? Feel free to whine. Whining in the comments is always allowed.

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