Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Genre Crossing

Most of you know I write women's fiction. I love writing it and I love reading it. I don't see a change for me in that department. When I first starting blogging and discovering the world of other writer blogs, I was really surprised at how many other writers say they write in (sometimes wildly) different genres because I couldn't ever see myself writing in another genre, especially not YA, which I didn't understand (but which I like reading), and certainly not sci fi or fantasy.

And while women's fic still holds the biggest draw for me because it offers the most enriching experience of exploration and discovery for me personally, I've changed my mind a bit about other genres. Partly this is because when I started getting a few storied under my belt and began understanding plot and structure and story, it was like creativity starting bursting everywhere. I find myself asking "what if..?" and "how about..." when I consider other worlds and genres.

Most of these idea seedlings won't ever come to pass, because as we know, writing a full-length novel that is properly plotted with the correct depth of characters is incredibly hard work. I don't know if I'd want to spend the time on something that isn't women's fiction unless it was a sure shot, and somewhat related to what I write already. Probably a realistic one is women's fic with paranormal elements (think ghosts or psychic events-- not mythical creatures).

Do you write in different genres? Do you have a favorite? Tell me about it--I like to hear how other writers handle this.

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