Monday, August 22, 2011


I have a couple of nice blog announcements.

First, fabulous romance author Roni Loren has asked me to write a regular guest post on her blog every 5th Monday of the month (when there is one), and she claims it is not at all because I made a big stink of not being asked to guest post for anyone. (In fact, Roni politely pointed out that I had guest posted for her before.)

I'm delighted to join Julie Cross, Ashley March, Suzanne Johnson (who did last week, and it was fabulous), and Joan Swan.It's really quite an honor to be asked to do a regular post for Roni, and I'm really excited. I'm going to be blogging about women's fiction and marketing.

Second, I've started another blog. I know. I know. I can barely brush my own teeth somedays, and yet another blog? But yes. This one is quite different from this, my writing blog (which is my main blog, or "home" as I like to think of it), and my design and usability blog. This new one is a food blog. I'm a terribly unconfident cook and it turns out that after a lot of practice, some of my recipes aren't so bad after all. So, the launch of Making MissChef has occurred, and it's got several really tasty ones up there already. I hope you'll come over and check some of them out.

Thoughts on Blog Space
Lastly, I've been thinking a lot about blogs lately. Specifically, how authors evolve with them. You start out writing your blog as an unpublished writer, and when you get the agent and book deal, you suddenly need to step back and think about your strategy because your blog has become very much part of your brand. The aforementioned Roni Loren had a fantastic post about this recently that I've been thinking about ever since. Roni herself is in transition as to how to deal with her very popular Fiction Groupie blog, and also her author blog.

Migrating to a more permanent blog from a free service, like blogspot or Wordpress, is a big decision. It's a good idea to have your posts, especially if you're going to be blogging for years, on your own web space. Springing for your own domain name and web space will be a monthly fee, but if you're serious about publishing, you might want to do it. For writers already agented and have book deals, it's a must. I asked the question back in April what writers think they might do with their blogs when published. It's a question with answers I'm still interested in.

My friend Mike Chen and I provide the service of design and set up for web sites with a Wordpress integrated theme, making updating the site and blogging really easy. There's a fee, but we're pretty affordable--especially considering what other designers and builders cost.

It's something I need to think about too because I use this free Blogger space for my blog, but I also pay for web space. Why not integrate my blog with my site? Well, yes. I might. But there's the problem of having people update their links and finding me there. It might be a necessary move.

Because I think long-term blog consideration is an interesting question as sites and tools evolve, I'm interested in where you stand on it. Do you have your own web site? Do you also have a free blog space, like at Blogger or Wordpress? How do you think you'd treat the two when you're published? For those of you already with web spaces, what are your plans?

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