Monday, September 19, 2011


I am fond of saying "don't question me," but actually like every other self-absorbed person, I like to be asked questions, except when the questioner is dressed in Kevlar and I’m in a small room without windows and the questions come fast and hard and concern where I was and what I was doing on a certain date and time.

So I asked Twitter to please question me, and here's what happened:

@JenntheAmazing asked: Favorite animal to use for an assault on Normandy?
Me: Perhaps a bunch of black widow spiders? Oh no wait-- Gila monsters! They have deadly secretions on their skin full of bacteria. Yes. Perfect for Normandy invasions.

@AmaliaTD asked: who is your favorite muppet?
Me: I have always enjoyed Beaker, but I admire the passion of Animal.

@AmaliaTD asked: which is your favorite Muppet movie?
Me: I have to go old-school The Muppet Movie from 1979. I love the older style muppets with Jim Henson's actual voice.

This led to finding this most fabulous rendition of the Muppet Show theme song by You Tube darlings OK Go.

@BaronBlitz (a long time family friend) asked: Would you rather be known as Supreme Overlord Sierra or Sierra Mistress of the Lark.
Me: Supreme Overlord Sierra, of course.

@Dawn_Alexander asked, What is the one thing you have always wanted to do, but never have?
Me: When I was 22 I went off to Europe except I didn't stay long, despite my mom saying she would give me money to stay. I wish I had done that, I had nothing else going on. I was just out of college. The world was my oyster.

@BaronBlitz asked: If you had a death ray that could strike anyone in the World, do you think you'd actually use it?
Me: Yes.

@TaherehMafi asked: WHERE ART THOU ROMEO?
Me: In the pages in my fiction :)

So, winning question --
Readers (and God you're nice for reading this silly blog!), what's the one thing you would have done? Also, do you have any questions for me? Ask! I'll answer anything!

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