Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kicking People in the Head


So I've been carefully rewriting my first chapter of my WIP for a very very long time now, and finally, finally, I made myself let it go and I sent it to a trusted beta reader. She sent it back with many comments, and some of them included this: why aren't you letting your character explode?

My character, you see, was repressing everything and not expressing her displeasure with the disruption to her world in the first chapter.

When I got the comments, I thought, well, I can't have her beat the guy with a frying pan, can I? She'd be arrested! He'd have her arrested for aggravated assault! She can't do that--she'd have an anger management problem! People who hit or kick or punch others in the neck have anger problems and can't be trusted to handle stressful situations like rational adults, with a calm approach to problem solving.

Whatever. This is fiction. So I made myself write that she kicks him.

It felt great!!

I had forgotten this lesson that letting go is important, that letting the words flow is good. That having fun is the best part of writing!

I guess the problem came about because I secretly want to kick a lot of people in the head, but that indicates an anger management issue, and I'd be arrested for aggravated assault.

What kinds of lessons have you forgotten and rediscovered along the way? I want to hear them!

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