Monday, September 26, 2011


I've got these really obnoxious sunglasses. They're not my fault, though.

What happened is that my cousin is an optometrist, and he carries all kinds of designer frames. And because there was a family discount involved, I felt obligated to act as though I were a rich person and purchase exceedingly bourgeois sunglasses. I went straight for some really gross Dior frames with a big huge "D" on the sides. But before you puke, let me explain. The "D" had buckles on them. See? (The pair below is not quite my pair but it shows the D with the buckle, which mine has.)

You can't fault me for buckles.

Although these frames are huge and so heavy that they actually make my ears hurt after a while of wearing them, they're wonderfully dark, which provides relief for my light-sensitive eyes and cover for staring at you-- you can't see my eyes behind them. They are prescription, and they do have extra dark anti-glare stuff. Anyway, they're disgusting.

So when I saw my friend Meghan Ward's super cute very nice sunglasses made by ProDesign, I knew I'd found the ones--ones that could finally replace the hideous Dior ones. And it turns out my cousin carries those frames. I sent Meghan, who is fashionable (she does, after all, have a memoir about the fashion industry), the following email:

Hey, my cousin who is an optometrist carries ProDesign....he wants to know your specific model.  I promise I am not trying to be like you -- I just really really loved those sunglasses.
And Meghan replied that the next time she got out of bed she'd check and let me know. Out of bed!
Meghan has two small children! She never even goes to bed!

Okay, okay. I realize I was being stalkery and weird. But the sunglasses are really nice.

This reminded me of when you read a really good book and you start thinking in the voice of the writer and of course you start writing like him or her too, until you realize that you cannot do this, that you have to write with your voice, even if your voice sounds like a howler monkey in comparison. There are so many authors who write so distinctively that I know I've done this with.

But at the same time, I've also taken bits and pieces of the best of them and melded them into my overall voice over time. Do you do this? What happens when you come across a really fantastic bit of writing with a wonderful voice--do you start trying to emulate?

Mind you, this is nothing like sunglasses.

And Meghan did finally reveal the model number. I have an appointment to try them on very soon.
This past weekend when I saw her, I admired her glasses yet again and promised to make good on my threat to get that pair. She tried to pass her pair off as beat up and crooked as though to show they don't hold up very well, but we know. They're great and I'm totally getting them.

P.S. Make sure to have a look at yesterday's post.

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