Wednesday, October 5, 2011

4 Writer Afflictions

Everyone knows we writers are slightly insane. And yes, if we sit our butts in our chairs all day and write, we have it pretty good, even though what's really going on is a whole host of afflictions to suffer from.

1. Tendonitis.
You get this from sitting with your laptop on your lap in a completely horrid position, not ergonomic at all, and you don't care because you need to keep writing. But your arm and wrist aches when you're done for the day.
Solution: Get new arms. Or, try changing your position from time to time. Yes, this means not lying in bed while typing, I know.

2. Teeth grinding and jaw clenching.
Seems like lots of us do this and I think I know why: we're frustrated but instead of going for a good power walk, we just grit our teeth. Ouch! I actually have headaches most days from this activity.
Solution: Write full time. It is completely frustrating thinking of great plot points and not being able to drop life and go write.

3. Too many cats.
You're guilty of this and you know it. Cats are furry and quiet (for the most part) and don't require walks. They're excellent writing buddies.
Solution: well, it isn't to get a dog--that's a problem too. Why do you need a solution for this?!

4. Depression.
It's funny how many of us have suffered at some point in varying degrees from depression. I think the why is obvious: we are sensitive and we think too much.
Solution: drugs, or Lolcats, or good therapy.

What afflictions do you suffer from? Tell me!

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