Friday, November 25, 2011

Google Reader Roundup

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I didn't, because I have shingles. Yeah, the older person's disease. As a result, I had to sit home alone while Mr. Sierra took the whippersnapper to the big family Thanksgiving do. (Rainbow Puppy went to bed early.) So I sat on the couch and wrote.

And my God, I was thankful for it!

Even if I did starve a bit and find myself forced (forced) to eat a few Trader Joe's Halloween Jo-Jos.

  • Jessica Faust at Bookends fields a question about long book it too long? how to cut down? You decide.
  • Bloggy friend Tahereh Mafi's highly anticipated novel, Shatter Me, is out and Tahareh was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly (she's big time, folks). I am including the link to the article because of the last line in it--Tahereh knows exactly how to hook a reader and her last line is the one that made me want to read the book more than anything. Check it out. See how she uses that tease so subtly, so well, and so engagingly.
  • What not to blog about and what crosses the line when it comes to social media, from Kill Zone's Clare Langley-Hawthorne.
  • Kristan Hoffman on what really matters for this Thanksgiving week (via Meghan Ward). Or, in other words, Kristan helps remind us about connecting with other authors and books.
  • And finally, I really love this list of things Tawna Fenske is thankful she was wrong about--with a wonderful last item on the list, which almost made her whole post as satisfying as a good romance novel.


Linda G. said...

Sympathies on the shingles. Ugh. What a pain. Literally. Hope it clears up soon. :)

Diane Henders said...

Oh, poor you! That sucks! Hope you feel better soon. And thanks for the roundup - excellent as always. :-)

Meghan Ward said...

Thanks for the links, Sierra! I hope you had a great holiday weekend. I look forward to reading Jody Hedlund's post, and I loved Tawna's!

Travener said...

Ouch, sorry to hear that. Shingles is/are no fun. The spousal unit had them a few years ago and she was also (relatively) young to be saddled with them. Hope they fade away soon, never to return.

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