Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lead Love Interest Inspiration

Mr. Sierra and I have been watching the entire True Blood series from Netflix and loving it. I especially have been loving Alexander Skarsgard, or Eric Northman on the show. It's gotten to the point where I'm despairing, because we only have two more episodes to watch of Series 3 and must wait for series 4 to be released on DVD.

"What will I do without my Eric fix?" I asked my friend/colleague Mike Chen, who is a primary source of my knowledge.

"Um, earth to Sierra," he said. "You'll have to rent Zoolander." (Link is to deleted scene in Zoolander with Meekus, still with his Swedish accent before he got it Americanized.)

No problem because ASkars, as Roni Loren and I like to refer to him, is HOT in that movie too. And if I'm really desperate, there's always the Lady Gaga Papparazzi video in which he's smoking yummo as well. AND kisses Gaga all up and down exactly the way you would like to be....mmm, this blog is getting a bit steamy.

ASkars and his hotness is very inspiring when it comes to writing a lead male love interest character. And watching him do his hot thing as Eric is really, really nice. He's got these gorgeous, muscular man hands and a really nice broad chest that you would beg to wrapped up in. He's sensual as Eric, too, so he provides lots of ways to describe a good love scene. My only problem is making sure that my male leads don't all resemble Nordic Vikings now.

The tinternets are full of great links and pictures for male character inspiration. One particular resources is Roni Loren's Boyfriend of the Week series on her author blog. (Incidentally, she's "done" ASkars here) If you need inspiration as to your male lead, her BOTW series is a treasure trove. She's has 31 guys listed. Go check them out.

And here's a link to the Melancholia trailer, in which ASkars plays Kirsten Dunst's husband. Oh, Kirsten. You lucky little minx.


Kristen Lippert-Martin said...

As I understand it, Sierra, what you've done in this blog post is encourage your readers to look at pictures of assorted hot guys and pick out the one they like best? Is that correct?

God bless you.

Sierra Godfrey said...

Actually, Kristen, the assorted hot guys is incidental--I'm actually suggesting you all look at ASkars and drool along with me. This is a thinly disguised post about him and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I'm drooling with you, Sierra. Oh yes I am!

Sierra Gardner said...

As another Sierra, I totally was WAY too happy about that first picture =)

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