Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Romantic Elements: Humor

The other morning, someone tried to call collect to me on my cell. It was very odd. The message said, "This call has been prepaid by credit or debit card. From..." and the a robotic voice came on that said "jhsbdfiuhdfhv facility."

I refused the call, of course. I mean, I couldn't hear where it was from-- except that it was from a mysterious facility!

I struck me immediately after that it was probably Mr. Sierra, calling from jail. I called his cell phone, but worryingly, it went directly to voice mail. So obviously he was calling me on his one phone call via the pay phone. I don't know the rules of jail calls, so I figured they would probably let him try again in an hour or so. He should have called the house phone first anyway. Silly!

I figured that it was probably best for him to stay the night and learn his lesson. No schmancy bail bonds for him. I sent him a text asking if he was in jail calling me collect on the off chance he'd be able to see it. About an hour later, he replied with, "I'm not in jail. My girlfriend bailed me out."

And that right there is why we have a great marriage. No, not because he has a girlfriend (he doesn't, that I know of), but because he never missed a beat of my neurosis or the opportunity for humor.

This is the kind of thing I try to capture when I write two romantic characters. Inside jokes and genuinely funny exchanges of the intimate variety make me curl my toes with awww. You know it does you, too.

What kinds of things do you write into your romantic pairs? What makes you go "mmmm" with satisfaction?

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