Friday, December 2, 2011

Google Reader Roundup

  • Agent Scott Eagan has a timely reminder for us to watch what we say when we're vying for representation or deals.
  • Nathan Bransford has interesting e-reader poll results for several years running--it's neat (and not surprising) to see how the answers have changed.


Diane Henders said...

Thanks for the mention! :-)

I loved your post on finding inspiration. Remind me to write off a trip to see Chippendales as "research". I'm sure Canada Revenue Agency will allow it as an expense...

Aw, darn. Now you made me go and google "chippendales".

Sierra Godfrey said...

Thank YOU for reading! I'm glad you liked my tribute to ASkars...I mean, inspiration post. I think your blog is one of the best to read out there.

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