Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crash Into You Release!

I bring you a rare and special Tuesday post to celebrate someone who has been a generous and giving friend to me, and I'm so thrilled for her. Today, Roni Loren's debut novel, Crash Into You, was released. Crash is erotic fiction and while I'm not usually a connoisseur of that genre (not that anything's wrong with it all, in fact some spice is where it's at some days, you know?), Roni is a really great writer so I know the book will be good. I knew this way back before she wrote Crash. So buy it. Celebrate this girl. There is a reason she's got over 1600 Google followers on her blog, Fiction Groupie.

It's cause she's good.

And if you take a picture of yourself with the book while making a Blue Steel face, you'll be entered to win a gift cert. Note that when *I* publish, I'm going to have people choose between saying "Um, earth to Marcus I was making' a joke" or screaming "Orange Mocha Frappacino!" in their pictures because that scene involves ASkars. :)

Here's my Blue Steel face. Admittedly, there was a camera/operator mishap. The actual Blue Steel face has me looking like a gargoyle. It would break the blog to post it.

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Roni Loren said...

LOL the pictures is classic!

*huge hugs* and thanks. I heart you. And I hope you like the book! :D

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