Friday, January 20, 2012

Google Reader Roundup

My gravy boat, the very same used in the show.
Just a quick and dirty GRR this week. But here's an interesting tidbit: last night I was watching episode 6 of season 1 of Downton Abbey--on my Kindle Fire (I am in love with this show, it is scrumptious in every way) and there's a scene where the kitchen staff is preparing the dinner and they're taking up plates and things and one of the things they take up is a gravy boat--in my wedding china pattern! Yes! Same one! Bit of a problem there in that my wedding pattern probably wasn't available in 1914, but hey. Still. (It's Wedgewood.) Perhaps a more troubling question is why I have a wedding pattern at all since such things seem a tad outdated. Well, look. They aren't. And to prove how lovely fine china can be, I'm having my tea this morning using my china. So pppbbbbbtttt. (I realize I'm razzing myself, actually.)


Chuck Wendig gives us 25 things Writers Should Start Doing. As always with Chuck, it's no-nonsense and right on. I have one to add: make shorter lists. Short attention spans, you know.

Meghan Ward has a fun post on not being too digitally connected: how not to be an iphoney.

Suzanne Johnson writes on Roni Loren's Fictiongroupie blog about her writing process-- from draft to done.

Jody Hedlund tells a way to get discovered by ereaders. Quite frankly, I've been waiting for a post like this, because for all the world changing into ebooks--even I read pretty much exclusively that way anymore--I haven't a clue how authors would find readers.

A post after my own heart: Janice Hardy tells us how plotting can be helped by playing video games.


Teri Anne Stanley said...

I have wedding china, too. WTF? I only use it when I don't have enough clean regular plates! And it's pink. Why on earth did I think that pink dishes would work for me?

Sierra Godfrey said...

Ha ha ha!! WTF indeed! I love that we have it. Wedding china! Seriously!

Kristen Lippert-Martin said...

First, love Downton Abbey. Also watching it on the Kindle because it's the only way I can watch anything (secreted away, up in my room, ear buds in) without being interrupted. (Have to admit, Mr. Bates is starting to get on my nerves with all his insistence on noble suffering, but that's a discussion for another day....)

Wedding china. Oh, do NOT even get me going on the wedding china. I did not want it, saw no use for it, but in deference to the grand dames in my life, I registered for it. They all told me, "Someday you'll be glad you have it!" And you know what? I was right. I've used my china about four times. It's spent years boxed up, sitting in a closet. What a friggin' waste.

Cathryn Leigh said...

Speaking of Wedding China - I was set against picking a pattern at all. I come form a poor family, who would even BUY the stuff for me? BUT the hubby (then fiance of course) insisted we do so. To my surprise we actually received two place settings. We've used the once - a Thanksgiving Dinner for Two. Romanic yes, but now we have two little kids and the CHina is in a box, somewhere... not to mention we have a full china setting from his side of the family, and might eventually inherete one from my side of the family...

Someday, in my dream life, I'll set a Holiday Dinenr on the fine china and telling the grandkids to not break it. LOL.:}

And now to check out some of those links.

:} Cathryn

Meghan Ward said...

Hey there, thanks for the link! I've been out with the stomach flu for the past week, but am better now.

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