Friday, February 10, 2012

Google Reader Roundup

From An American Editor blog, the question of Amazon vs. publishing.

For you moms, a study of spanking kids causing harm. Well then maybe they shouldn't make kids with mouths, huh? Huh? Kidding. Kidding!

Tawna Fenske is anal. Hee hee hee.

Is Pinterest the next social traffic driver? Mashable wonders. For my part, I freaking LOVE Pinterest. Here's me on it. I use it mainly to collect designy things.

In case you were feeling good about yourself, take a look at what you could be doing with your ballpoint pen if you had any real talent.

Iff'n you missed it, please catch up: Travener published his novel and turned into the glorious superstar author Stephen (not Boris?) Wangsness. Go buy Tainted Souls. I insist.

Jody Hedlund talks about something I've wrestled with over the past year-- how to beat the blogging blahs. (Although I guess I'm doing something right since my page view count has shot up -- I'm officially a player now-- although how many of those hits are roving tinterweb bots, no one knows.)

Jody also talks about whether book covers are relevant anymore in the digital age. (They jolly well should be. How will we judge books without them?)

Update your linky-loos because Fiction Groupie has moved. And just so you check out Roni's new blog location, here's 5 muse abusers and how to protect your creative flow.

BookEnds has an updated Publishing Dictionary.

Shameless: Don't miss my post this week on whether or not you should employ Facebook as an author--and the great discussion in the comments.


Linda G. said...

Gah! Everyone is talking about Pinterest now. I'm terrified to check it out -- there's no room on the clock for one more internet distraction.

BTW, I loved seeing you over at my blog again. I've missed you. :)

Steven J. Wangsness said...

I'm still trying to get used to Facebook. I find it clumsy and annoying. But what do I know, Zuckerberg's gonna collect $100 billion for it.

Thanks for the plug for TAINTED SOULS. It's gotten some five-star reviews, so I'm happy I decided to publish it.

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