Friday, February 24, 2012

Google Reader Roundup

Meghan Ward reports on the demise of Google Friend connect on non-Blogger blogs. Check it out to see what you should be replacing it with. I wonder why Blogger blogs are allowed to keep it, and I think it's a great idea to delete the follower count thingy--because none of us will without being made to.

Kristen Lippert-Martin ponders the done-ness, or not, of our manuscripts.

Roni Loren talks about the sticky factor of author website (the things that make you stay and read more) and then gives great tips.

Bookends answers questions about including pages in a query submission.

Jenny Bent's Intern Y talks about starting stories and gives wonderful tips gleaned from the slushpile.

Janice Hardy gives fantastic advice about when and how to end a scene.

Yay for Tawna Fenske, whose second book, Believe it or not, has just been published.


Roni Loren said...

Thanks for including my post! :) I keep forgetting to stop by over here and I'm missing your good stuff. Now that I don't use a reader, I seem to only click on posts I happen to see on Twitter.

Meghan Ward said...

Oh man, I'm dying to read all those posts. My guess is that Blogger blogs get to keep Google Friend Connect because Blogger is owned by Google, but still - if it wants to promote Google+, why not get rid of it for everyone?

And thanks for the mention!

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