Monday, February 20, 2012

Lucky ducks

Happy President's Day! I totally couldn't even think of a post today, it's one on those Mondays where I'm extra sluggish, and I had a bad weekend of zero baby naps and night wakings. The little stinker is terribly inconsiderate of his mother's need for sleep.

But somewhere around 2:30 am last night as I stumbled groggily from bed to get him from his crib, where he stood screaming yet again, I realized that as much as I hate being ripped from a good sleep and as much as I really dislike being up at 2:30, I'm really glad that I can. Meaning, good thing I don't have to work a night shift in a factory and come home stinking of crab and covered in coal dust. That kind of thing.

Similarly, how lucky I am that I get to write stories. I have two or three more brewing in my mind right now as I morph from edits on my completed ms to time for a new story. Chances are, you have that luxury too if you're reading this. And how lucky we are. Take a moment to remember that.


Steven J. Wangsness said...

Ah, the night terrors. Such fond memories... Hope you catch up on your sleep.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Here's hoping you can stay awake long enough to get those story ideas written down...ack. I'm going to go home and take a nap on your behalf.

If only we could transplant sleep like bone marrow or kidneys...

Kristen Lippert-Martin said...

I luckily have a screaming, non-sleeping baby as well.

And I luckily have access to wine.

Isn't America great?

Sierra Godfrey said...

STEVEN (I still giggle when I see it), thank you. It's just awful. But fleeting, I know.

Teri Anne, I hope it was a good nap. I'm envious.

KLM, knowing you are suffering hideously makes my hideous suffering less. :)

Meghan Ward said...

I have a wide awake middle-of-the-day screamer who throws temper tantrums when she has to associate in any way with colors that are not hot pink. I think we should start a writers' retreat in Hawaii.

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