Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Favorite Things

At my whippersnapper's school there are these darling twin girls in his class and their parents are these two wonderful ladies. I love these ladies and they crack me up all the time. One of them stays home full time with the girls while the other one works as a book publicist/agent (relax, I already sniffed her out, she doesn't rep fiction). Let's call the publicist one "Pam" and the stay at home one "Janet." So Janet told me how Pam came home one night, all ablaze with book fairs and flights to New York and speaking to the media stuff and being all publishy and booky and Janet starts telling her about her day staying at home with the twins and what they did and the like. And Pam goes, "Sorry, what? I wasn't listening, your life just isn't that interesting!" Now I am sure Pam meant it as funny, and the way it was told was funny, and Janet took no real offense (I am supposing; I didn't hear whether Pam had to sleep on the couch or anything). So now I always remind Pam to tell Janet "What? Sorry? I wasn't listening, you're just not that interesting," which cracks Janet up.

Anyway. This is a bit how I feel my life is now every time I sit to write a bloggy post, and I resort to writing an instructional one instead which shows you none of my personality and all of my boring list-side. This is fine, I hope it helps some of you, and you've been lovely and generous about saying it has. 

To be honest it bores the socks off me. But here's my life: get up at dark o-clock, when I don't want to. Get baby up. Get boy up. Herd children like goats. Package myself into some semblance of non-gargoyle appearance. Fix brekky. Nudge children with cattle prod to eat brekky. Rush out door, take boy to school, come back, play with baby, put baby to bed, work, write, drink coffee, make some Sierra's Gorp (tm) (really just chocolate chips without the actual nuts or fruit). Repeat later when I get boy from school. Collapse into heap at end of night. Wonder if I ever used to be interesting.

Mind you, I am not really complaining about this set up. I was merely trying to think what could be remotely interesting about me to tell you. I decided on the following things that bring me joy on a regular basis:

Gravlax. If you haven't eaten this lovely fish you are missing out. Not sure where to get it? Ikea sells it in their cafe. Or you can get my mother in law, who made some the other day and it's become all the rage in my house. (However, my mother in law is not for sale. Among her other sterling qualities, she helped me bury my dead cat last week in the freezing rain. That woman is GOLD.) There are lots of recipes online for gravlax, but basically you salt the salmon, put dill, pepper, and brown sugar, put it in a plastic ziplock, stick it in the fridge for 3 days and then voila, nom nom nom. 

Free HBO. I have it for 3 months and it's been lovely. Especially finally getting to watch Game of Thrones season 1, which I had waited forever to watch. What a treat! I read all of the books (ALL!) in the early months of Rainbow Puppy's life when all I did was sit in a chair with my boob in his mouth. I've just re-read those last few words and realize if you lifted it from the rest of the sentence then I would look like a harlot. And whoo hoo for April 1, when season 2 starts! Nearly as bad as waiting for Eric True Blood season 4. 

Frozen Planet. Mein Gott, did you see that show? In HD? Really lovely with polar bears and whales and penguins and especially the woolly bear caterpillar who eats for 14 years and then lets himself get frozen to death, but somehow regenerates in the spring on account of a special caterpillar antifreeze running in his blood. Amazing. 

The fact that I love my house. This is a really good thing because we are so underwater, we're basically never moving. 

Being nearly done with revisions. Yes! YES! It is true and I am near and I am nearly giddy with delight about it. I'm on a strict finishing schedule, set by master critiquer Kristen Lippert-Martin. I know what you're thinking, you're saying to yourself "Hmm, I'd love a great critiquer, maybe I'll email that KLM and see if she'll critique me too," but do not. Do. Not. She is mine. MINE. You can only get her if you manage to get pregnant at the same time as her. As her track record is quite high with four kids already, this could happen but I implore you not to try it and see. 

Okay! What are YOUR favorite things at the moment? You might be seeing more of these posts from me, so tell me if you enjoyed it. I kind of enjoyed it. I thought I was quite funny. That's almost always a bad sign. 


Brenda said...

I also thought your post was quite funny, so I'd vote for more like this (although your instructional posts are very helpful). I might even shamelessly steal this idea. One of my favorite things at the moment is seeing my own little whippersnapper learning to read and love books. He stashes books all over the house (including the bathroom) so he always has one available, but he actually forgets which ones he's put where. So when he finds one he particularly likes, he does this little "Yes!" and fist pump which makes me smile every time.

Linda G. said...

Hang in there. Eventually the kids grow up and leave the nest. It's one of the perks of getting older, and it kind of takes the sting out of the gray hair and wrinkles. ;)

(Er, not that I didn't love every single minute with my kiddos. It's just that now I have more minutes to call my own, which IS nice, even taking into account the gray hair and wrinkles. *grin*)

Oh, and a big YES on the gravlax! My mom is Swedish, so I grew up on the stuff. Love it. :)

Cathryn Leigh said...

Rainddrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens... *giggels*- Count singing as one, my kids get to choose their favorite songs (from my repitour) for their lullaby each night - and that counts as a favorite time for me, even if when my little boy recounts his day as "I played and play and play play play play play, done" :}

My daughter always asks about my day which, means I can't hear about here is I don't go - I got up I got, I went to work, I came home andyou know the rest...

other favorite things - getting lost in books and creating things, mostly writen and craft stuff, but sometimes cooking.

So that's raw sushi grade salmon you use for the Gravlax?

:} Cathryn

Sarah Allen said...

Dude, totally in the same boat. I'm in the waiting phase, waiting to hear back from job apps, beta readers, grad schools, a bunch of junk, and in the meantime it's just...whatever. Good thing you're freaking hilarious, anything you write is awesome and interesting :)

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Meghan Ward said...

My life is pretty routine these days, too, although I like it. I like taking the kids to gymnastics class, playing French games and Uno and Go Fish with them, playing soccer at the park, running (without them), and going to Messy Art Day (over by your house. Hey! You should have come!). But then there was one day last week when we got Mexican food for our Thursday lunch for 8000th time and I thought I would kill myself if I had Mexican food for our Thursday lunch one more time and started fantasizing about dining in Prague for a change. I guess I try to keep the routine interesting by signing up to run 10ks and entertaining the idea of taking circus classes and pretending I'm Megan (hey - I almost am!) singing Zou Bisou Bisou on Mad Men. And then there are days I want to ditch the kids and travel again. Maybe in another 15 years.

By the way, it would be fun to read about what your novel is about. Can you tell us about the story, characters, etc, in a blog post?

Sierra Godfrey said...

Well, thanks everyone!

Brenda, thanks for saying it was funny. Will you marry me? And I love that your whipsnap stashes books. What a good future reader! My whipsnap is partial to Where's Waldo while he's on the toilet.

Linda, thanks. As I type, Rainbow Puppy is screaming bloody murder, refusing to nap even though he's been up since 5 am, and it's 10 am now. I don't understand him. He's for sale, by the way. Cheap.

Cathryn, you can use sushi grade salmon but normal will suffice. I just got a big fillet from Costco.

Sarah, thanks. You made my day.

Meghan, you're more laid back than I am about all the kid stuff, I admire it I really do because I'm about to lose my mind with the screaming nap and sleeping issues. Like I haven't gotten a solid night of sleep for a year and a half and it really hurts. And thanks for the prod about my novel. I'll surely do a post about that. :)

Diane Henders said...

Gravlax! Mmmmmm! I eat it just about every time I'm at IKEA. I feel another visit coming on...

I feel your pain. I've been so buried lately, all I've done is work, eat, and sleep. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining - at least I get to sleep! But I think I'm going to have to take a day off and go in search of adventure, just so I have something interesting to say on my blog.

Kristen Lippert-Martin said...

Yeah, you got that right. Seeing as Baby #5 is about as likely as chocolate air, I'm already spoken for in the critiquery dept through the end of time.

My four favorite things right now are: sleep, Diet Coke, ibuprofen, and napping (yeah, I'm doubling up, so what?)

*whip crack*

Now quit yer charming blogging and get to writing that query!

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