Friday, March 23, 2012

Google Reader Roundup

First up is this great post by Roni Loren (she has signed a deal with the devil for her soul in exchange for good blog posts, I tell you) questioning whether writers hide behind walls on our blogs. For me the answer is yes. It's funny because I had the same conclusion this week, and I even wrote a non-writing, silly posts for next week and I liked it so much that I may stick with that more often. I've been writing prescriptive writing posts for years and no one cares. Time for silly.

Meghan Ward has 6 tips for hiring the right freelance editor.

Carrie Heim Binas lists the Doonsbury strips on her blog. Please read. Many newspapers censored these. Gary Trudeau gets right to the point as usual, and these are important strips to read.

Bookends defines what an "unsolicited manuscript" is.

Nelson Lit is launching the Pub Rants University--a series of educational webinars. Check it.

And finally, Blogger is an ass and published this post of mine on The Law of True Love when I had actually scheduled it for next week. Stupid Blogger, that's the second time it's done this. Just for that I'm migrating to Wordpress. While I'm setting that up, please read my poor, mis-published post.


Cathryn Leigh said...

I'd like to think I don't hide behind my blog. If anything I"m more 'me' on the internet. Mostly because people don't take a 34 almost 35 year old silly, when they start squealing like teenagers over their friends books or bouncing like a kid. Not to mention that as a parent you have to lay down the law once in a while, as much as I hate to...

*grins* yes I too read Roni's Blog, and I think you might be right about how she gets all the good ones. :}

And now I need to go back to the day job and paruse the other links later.

Toodles. *giggles*
:} Cathryn

Meghan Ward said...

Hey there, thanks for the shout out. This week I wrote 8 Secrets to a Successful Writers' Group. This is a topic I imagine you would have a lot to say about! :) I need to quit with the numbered titles, though. Somehow lists just come naturally to me. My whole life is a big long To Do list.

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