Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Women's History Month

Remember last week I talked about how important making solid connections with other writers can be, and I said Kristen Lippert-Martin was going to save me from having to take my aged cat to the vet for one last horrible stressy ride, all because KLM is great friends with someone in my community whom I therefore know, and who knows a vet who will do house calls for euthanasia? Huh? Remember that?

Well, I didn't use the vet. I did call her. But my cat died before she could get here. My poor 18 kitty, age 18 next month, died after two days of suffering and rapid decline. :( I buried her in the rain. Had to be done.

Ally, the kitty, leaves me the sole female in a house full of boys: Mr. Sierra, our two monkeys (Whippersnapper and Rainbow Puppy, don't you know), and our remaining cat, a boy called Max.

Well. Has the testosterone made me swoon yet? (No, because our cat Max is fixed so he can't even emit testosterone. Do boys even emit that? Hey! Hey! Back here, gutter mind! I know what you're thinking. Eyes front!) No, of course it hasn't. I like to I hold my own. Or at any rate, I will now that I have to.

While our household isn't actually boys vs. girl, and the one time my 5 yo whippersnapper tried to initiate a game called, "hey! Let's be boys against Mommy!" I put the smack down on that immediately. I like to think I'll teach my boys to be sensitive guys who are in tune with the way women communicate, but in reality I probably have my work cut out for me, just as any mother of boys does.

This new status of being the only girl in our house got me thinking--especially when I saw the following on Twitter:
Charlotte Brontë was encouraged not to publish under a female name. Why things haven’t changed more since 1837, 

Then, I looked over at my #infographics tweet stream and saw this:
#INFOGRAPHIC : Women Are Most Likely To Die From Job-Related Stress
And let's not even get into the whole stupid contraception-Rush-is-a-douchebag thing. We all know. You republicans trying to take stuff away or denigrate what we do, you all suck.

What are doing, people? In honor of Women's History Month this month, I hope you can take a moment to think of the women in your life, and be glad for them. Even your female pets. I was glad for my cat Ally, for 18 years. RIP, girl.


Cathryn Leigh said...

My Grandmother and pretty much that whole line of women - for the great grandmother San Fransico Street Driver I never knew to my mom who cleaned houses for a living after my parents divorce.

Which now give me a blog idea *giggles* And it's my blog day! Woot! Thank you! *grins*

:} Cathryn

Cathryn Leigh said...

I wasn't kidding see;

*giggles and grins*
:} Cathryn

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