Friday, April 27, 2012

Google Reader Roundup

I missed this a few weeks ago--sorry! I really am, because it's so lovely!-- but the Rejectionist has come out, following the grand tradition of THE INTERN, and revealed herself and her book deal. Yay! Frabjous day!

And while we're at the Rejectionist, who is cute, isn't she? I think she's cute, look at that mischievous little smile-- I was reading a few back posts and really enjoyed this one from her guest poster Meg Clark on women writers and how certain authors named Jonathan Franzen shouldn't remark.

You know what? The Rejectionist's blog has gotten really good over the years.

Rarely is it that I have time to read long NYT articles, but this one on one publisher who dared to cut off Amazon is scary, educational, thought-provoking, and just plain interesting.

I absolutely adored this edition of "How I got my agent" from author Delilah Dawson, who is a slush pile find and demonstrates very well how perseverance and preparation get you everywhere.

San Diego Professional Writers on why saving your best material for later may not be such a great idea.

The Passive Voice blog makes a convincing and passionate point for the total suckage that is Microsoft Word when it comes to using it for writing and editing and web publishing.

Fabulous guest post from author Sarah Pekkanen on Writer Unboxed on what she's learned about writing a novel.

Oldie but goodie: worst book covers. I especially liked "A good dad is a good lover." Ew.

The 7 bad habits of insanely productive people.

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