Monday, May 7, 2012

Author crushes

I love loads of authors, but I've come across one who just....well, I just love everything she writes. It's an official author crush. It was embarassing to admit it, but the signs are there:

  • You buy all the author's books -- all of them. Who cares what they're about.
  • You look up the author's webiste and then hang on every word.
  • You follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook.
  • You tweet to them as though they care who you are.
Note: There should be no stalking included in your activities. If you are stalking, then you need to sit down and have a little talk with yourself.

My author crush is Liza Palmer. She's my kind of funny. And her newest book, More Like Her, manages to use words like stalag and Cerberus, and references Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Feris Bueller's Day off, and Sixteen Candles. Like, I kind of love her. Plus? She lives in Pasadena, a city close to my heart.

And she's nice.

I'd like to say that at one time or another we've all had author crushes--that one author whose writing hits you in all the right ways, and whose characters speak to you. I'm sure all authors strive for that kind of connection. I've certainly seen author crushes from  fellow writers, but I always thought, God, get a grip. They're not writing for you. But they are. I was thinking about this when my cousin called this weekend to tell me she'd finished reading my manuscript and she couldn't put it down and she loved it.* I always write for her--she's my target audience. And if she told me she connected on a personal level with my character, I'd be thrilled.

*Yes, this is appropriate--nay, expected--from a relative, but she is in my inner beta reader circle and can be trusted. And even if she can't, it's still nice to hear good things from someone you love.

When you have an author crush, there must be a few possible outcomes:

  • The author finds out about it and is impressed and flattered and loves you back, and you become BFFs. Preferably, the author offers to read what you have and mentor you. (Obviously the mentoring offer is done tongue in cheek, because your manuscript is so good that you need no mentoring except a direct and enthusiastic referral to her agent, stat.)
  • The author ignores you.
  • The author is flattered. The end.
Do you have an author crush? I don't mean an author you really like, and not one whose entire list you've read, either. I'm talking you love the author, love their writing, and seriously admire them. You want to be friends with/be that author. Anyway, tell me. I'd like to know who!


Cathryn Leigh said...

Anne McCaffery.... only I'm a little late to the game and when the crush first blossomed I hadn't the guts to write a fan letter and the internet was mostly bullitan boards and when it finally became the world wide web... I still hadn't a clue (or the guts). Now that I have the guts, she's gone. *sigh*

However I have a BBF 'crush' on a new author, whom I met before she was published and yes I will buy everything she writes, even if I have the pleasure of Beta reading it first. *grins*

:} Cathryn

Sarah Allen said...

Oh, totally. John Green. His YouTube vlog is amazing, not to mention his books. He would be an awesome friend :)

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Anonymous said...

This is all kinds of amazing. I am beyond flattered. The beginning? <-- SEE WHAT I DID THERE???


Sierra Godfrey said...

Oh. Oh. OH! OMG. Red face. LIZA! WOW. Collect self into bottle from where self has melted. !!!!

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