Monday, June 18, 2012

Trader Joe's Tales

I was at Trader Joe's the other day, waiting in line to check out. The checkout guy in my line was, according to his name tag, named Terrence. The check out guy for the line to my right was named Bob.

"Hey!" Bob nodded at Terrence like a seal flicking a ball in the air with his nose.

Terrence, intent on checking the lady in front of me, made no reply. Good, Terrence, I thought. I approve of this attention to your work, especially as it benefits me.

"Hey," Bob repeated, with a bit more hiss to his voice. Terrence looked up. "Hey, I'm going to make it rain down in San Jose tonight!"

Terrence was good; he didn't pause in his item-scanning. "What?"

Bob leered knowingly. "I'm going to make it rain!"

Terrence shook his head to indicate he had no farking clue whatsoever what that means.

"I'm going to make in rain tonight!" Bob said, clearly thinking repetition would spark comprehension.

But, inexplicably, this tactic worked. Terrence lit up. "Oh, right! Yeah! Ha ha!" (I don't know if Terrence was faking it to make Bob shut up; I certainly would have.)

"In San Jose," Bob added in case that vital piece was missed.

"Yeah, man!" Terrence said. "Are you totally going down after work?"

I thought Terrence would affect some kind of "that's cool man" response, but he asked more questions, none of which included asking what "making it rain" -- with emphasis-- meant. His questions seemed to be along the lines of "who are you driving with" (translation: Bob has been flirting with Terrence's ex-girlfriend) and "what time do you get off?" (translation: Bob is being watched like a hawk). But their conversation dies an early death. My guess is because Terrence has zero clue what going down to San Jose to make it rain might mean, and was only asking questions to pacify the hidden psychopath that is Bob's real self--which Terrence only knows about because of that time in the stock room when he spilled a case of Two Buck Chuck at Bob's feet, and then felt the Wrath of Bob. (Not as scary sounding as Kahn, but it was scary, oh it was.)

What do you think "making it rain" means? With the emphasis on rain? Is this some term all the kids know but I am, as usual, completely clueless about? If I were writing this little bit of dialogue in a story, making it rain would be the seminal point of the conflict--the event that will lead to the total breakdown of Bob's emotional state and force him to confront his issues in order to emerge stronger.

Well, why wouldn't rain do that?

Any ideas you have are appreciated. Also, if you want to use this as a writing prompt, please do. It's got so many possibilities. :)


Steven J. Wangsness said...

Rain of terror? (Should of course be "reign" of terror.)

Teri Anne Stanley said...

I have to say that conversations between the checkout and bagging people at my local Kroger can be quite stimulating, as far as "What kind of story could I write with THIS?" goes.

There is a person who works at the store of indeterminate gender, who always says negative things about women when I am in his/her line. I am pretty sure I am not of indeterminate gender, so I'm not sure why Pat thinks it's okay to be mysoginistic with me. But I think I'll kill him/her off in an upcoming novel...

Cathryn Leigh said...



Making it Rain in San Jose - maybe he's going to set the sprinklers off in a club down there...

Or he's got an uber plan to set up those hoses with all the holes in them, alone the roof tops of all the buildings in San Jose and then connect them to the city water system and turn them all on!

*giggles* As you can tell I'm as cluless as you. But my last idea would be perfect for a wanna be super villain to try.

:} Cathryn Leigh said...

I looked in Urban Dictionary.
Apparently it means throwing money in the air, in a strip club. Or, in a much coarser version, it means....something else.

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