Monday, July 9, 2012

For now


Jessica Lemmon said...

Haha! Linda Grimes took the day off, too. I wasn't aware we had a Blogger Skip Day. ;)

Cathryn Leigh said...

Have fun, be Safe and stay cool and hydrated! :}

Sierra Godfrey said...

Jessica, I wasn't aware of a Blogger Skip Day, I just over overloaded! A Blogger Skip Day may be like when you get on the freeway and every car in existence is on it, and it's like 3 pm on a Wednesday and you're like "WTF, how come I didn't get the memo that a mass migration was in effect?" Thanks for reading my blog :)

Cathryn, my son has a water canteen that came with a badge called "Hydration Expert" and we learned all about proper hydration. :)

Meghan, pssst, we're not really fishin. We need to get together, lady.

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