Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Things I love right now

When I did a birthday post a few weeks ago on 5 things I'm loving right now, I kind of fell in love with the format. I love a good list. I've been known to create elaborate lists in layout software just so I'll have organized, pretty templates for lists. That's sad. Lists are sublime. You can never go wrong with a list. Sadly, I've just quoted one of my own characters who said that, but lest I turn into one of those people who quotes my own unpublished writing, I've removed the line from the ms...wait, where was I? Right, I like lists. And I therefore love writing lists of 5 things.

It turns out that doing this little exercise of posting 5 things I love isn't that easy--sometimes it's hard to pick out 5 things I'm loving right now. Isn't that pitiful? I could come up with a list of 5 things I can't stand like a snap. So, in the spirit of being happy and positive, even if I have to work at it, I present to you now 5 things I love, a regular (possibly the only) blog feature. (If you missed it, here's the Birthday Edition.)

5 Things I love, October 9 Edition

1. This existential angst cat video. I admit: my snickering turned into guffaws when it got to the butt hair trimming bit. http://www.cbc.ca/news/offbeat/story/2012/09/02/cat-video-winner.html

2. These Clarks boots. I hesitate to even post these because I love them so much and only want them for myself. And I'm not even a shoe-girl. Meaning, I don't own expensive designer shoes nor a massive collection. But like all females, I do possess the genetic marker that is a shoe disposition. Anyway, I need these really, really bad. Look at the heel! Look at that smooth ankle thingy! Really need this boot. It is $90, alas.

3. Author Catherine McKenzie. Just discovered her. Loved her fast, entertaining books. Loved "Arranged." Catherine is a women's fic writer and a Canadian (both pluses in my book) and I'm so happy to have found her books. Her new one, "Forgotten" just came out (or does for the Kindle 10/16) and I can't wait. New fan! Here's her website.

4. Peter Facinelli. This has nothing to do with Twilight. And quite frankly, I'm on Jennie Garth's side.  It sounds like (in the Court of Sierra where I preside and am also the jury) that he did her wrong. I was reading Jennie's story in People (it pains me to admit it but I do, I read People, although "read" is a bit loose as mostly it's just looking at the celeb pics; is this the female equivalent of "reading" Playboy?) and while Jennie is lovely, man that Peter. Hot. Mind you, not when he's blonde, and possibly not when he smiles. I like the dark and broody Peter.  Here's a link to his picture.

5. Trader Joe's Halloween JoJos. Do I even need to explain this? Okay, okay. JoJos are nothing more than Trader Joe versions of Oreo Cookies, but somehow, the packaging for the Halloween JoJos is so charming that I am persuaded instantly of their superior quality and fine ingredients, as opposed to the fake, chemical-laden, pure sugar rot gut that are holiday Oreos. Who could possibly fault these darling little Jack-O-Lantern cookies? And the vintage packaging! Design raptures! Plus, they're quite tasty. I mean, look at these things!

Next week I may post 5 things I don't like (loss of Internet connection is number 1, always), or you know, 5 things about writing that I do. Thing is, you're getting a lot more of these 5 things because I freaking love them.

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