Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5 Things I love

1. Call the Midwife on PBS. You are watching that, right? If you loved Downton Abbey, you will like this. Sadly, this British series appears to finished airing its first season, but that matters not because you can watch all the episodes on Even better? You can watch them on your Kindle or any tablet that connects to the internet. That is heaven.

2. The Paper Source catalog. Paper Source is a store with lovely things and great design, and their catalog is like crack, I tell you. Here are a few things that inspire me out of their catalog:

There are many, many more things I love (and need) from Paper Source, but I am not a Paper Source catalog, so you must browse for yourself.

3. Walks in the November sunshine. Here in California, it's still sunny, but the light has an orange quality to it, and there's a slight kick to the air. It's sort of spicy and windy and promising of crappy, cozy whether to come. The time just changed, and you sort of know good things are ahead.

Here's a picture of the walk I took last weekend. I thought I was the luckiest girl alive. I still do.

4. Sandwich bowls. These were invented by my husband for our 18 month old son, who likes sandwiches, but not actually eating them. That is, he likes the ingredients but a sandwich is too much for him unless it's cut in bite-size chunks. And then, he just takes those apart and makes a grand mush of it all. So Mr. Sierra cut the bread, turkey, and cheese up and just made a bowl of it. It went over so well that I tried it myself and loved it. Probably I just like the idea of the name sandwich bowl. But how awesome is it not to have to pick up a drippy sandwich and have it slop all over? I can eat it with a fork like a civilized girl.

5. The election results. My worry with the presidential race was that people weren't bothered by the lying and cheating from Romney's camp. I personally don't believe that any person who wins the biggest job in the world is free from a certain amount of ego and spinning and pushing, but I do believe that Obama comes across as a honest guy who does genuinely cares. I also think he acts within his means--which sometimes doesn't seem like enough. Overall, I feel that I was served. I know others don't. My own dad is heavily conservative and thinks Obama will change us all into a communist country. So he's pretty angry. But from where I'm sitting, I'm rejoicing in the ideology of hope, change, and movement, and I saw none of that with Romney. And well done to the states that legalized gay marriage-- Maine and Maryland. Well done, you! Well done!

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