Monday, November 5, 2012

The Writerland Challenge

Every November, I get a little antsy because of NaNoWrMo. Mind you, I have never participated in NaNo because I was always working on something that required my full attention, and I was never in a place where I wanted to bang out a novel in a month without stopping to pause or sleep or feed my children. But I always secretly wanted to do it, because I liked the accountability it offered. Anytime there's a program with deadlines, I respond well.

That's why when I read my friend Meghan Ward's post on her blog Writerland about the Writerland Challenge--an alternative to NaNo that actually allows for flexibility--I jumped at it. This was a program I could get with, that let me work on the project I'm working on now, and do what I needed to do on it rather than write new content. 

The way it works is you that you leave a comment on Meghan's post and you're in. Follow along on Twitter and check in daily with the #TTWC (Take the Writerland Challenge). If you tweet to me (@sierragodfrey) with the hashtag as well, I'll dish out some sass, free of charge. On Meghan's blog, note what your daily or weekly challenge is. Meghan has some cool prizes for participants, too.

My goal for the month is to finish complete revisions on my novel, which means a weekly goal of about 8.5 chapters. 

So, what do you think? Are you in?

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