Monday, December 3, 2012

Supertastic Winter Writing Challenge

A challenge for December!
Every year in November, writers all over the world take part in National Novel Writing Month, or NoWriMo. And also all over the world, writers don't take part it in. Our reasons are varied. Mine have always been that I don't want to write a whole novel in a month--and if I had to write one that fast it wouldn't be something I loved. But more specifically, it's usually because I'm working on something already and I want to keep working on it.

So when my friend Meghan Ward hosted the Writerland Challenge over at her blog, Writerland, as an alternative to NaNo, I was in. Her rules were easy: Everyone who participated in the Writerland challenge could set their own goals, and we'd all check in every Thursday on her blog and report how we did for our weekly goals. We also regularly checked in with one another on Twitter and cheered each other one. At the end, Meghan chose a random winner to receive some of her delicious toffee.

Many of the people who participated in the Writerland Challenge want to keep doing it. So I said I'd host the challenge this month, with a name change: The Supertastic Winter Writing Challenge.

Here's how it works:

  1. You'll set a goal for yourself for the month of December. This can be anything you want, from writing a whole novel to finishing revisions to writing an outline. The idea is to set a smaller goal for yourself that is realistic but challenging and fits with your long-term writing goals. 
  2. Stick with your goals this month. 
  3. We'll report back here every Thursday to check in and log our progress--and hold each other accountable.
  4. At the end of the month, I'll choose a random winner from the participants to receive a prize, which I haven't yet decided on but trust me, it's going to involve books and it's going to be good.
Let's go!
Leave a comment below if you're in. To get you going, I'll do what Meghan did. The first 5 people who sign up and COMPLETE the challenge get to be interviewed by me on here the blog, celebrity style, where you can talk about your work and your process.

Follow, cheer, and support along with the new Twitter hashtag, #SWWC. (We were going to keep the #TTWC hashtag for consistency's sake, but the Table Tennis World Championship hijacked the tag a few times.) 

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