Monday, January 21, 2013

5 Things I Love Right Now

1. Bassnectar and Underworld. That dubstep wonder Bassnectar finally -- finally, God, yes!! -- remixed an Underworld song. I know this won't mean much to most of you but I don't care, Underworld is my most favorite band ev-ah and I'm a huge Bassnectar fan so this is just.....ahhh. Listen here. Bassnectar is this guy named Lorin, who coincidentally is from the same Californian town I'm from (Santa Cruz) and I don't think he really cares whether or not I worship Underworld and am over the moon that he remixed a song of theirs. But I care and that's what counts, right Lorin? Right? 

2. Downtown Abbey. The drama, oh the drama! Can you believe poor Edith being left like that? Even I felt bad for her, and not the least of why because she speaks so charmingly upper anal retentively, more than anyone else. She and whats-his-face were made for each other, they were so upper crusty! I love DA so much that I've started calling the cat "old chap."

3. Africa on Discovery Channel. Mein Gott, this show! I can't stop talking about it. Look, we've all seen loads of African animal documentaries but this one is fresh and crisp and stunning...and they show things I've never seen before, like the rare spoonbill bird and the horned grasshopper trying to sneak into bird nests and snack on baby birds only to get shoved out by the returning mama bird and then the grasshopper sprays acid blood at her but it's too late and he falls to the ground and he's all "I'm fine, it's all good" but the other grasshoppers are all "Riiiiggght, why do we smell your acid blood then?" and then they advance on him and eat him. Discovery channel on Tuesday nights. One of the best shows I've ever seen. Also, it's narrated by Forest Whitaker and he does a superb job--one of the best documentary narrations I've ever heard. Really. Here's how good Forest is: I've half fallen in love with him based on the sound of his voice. And that's saying something.

4. Monchego cheese. I don't think any more needs to be said on this subject.

5. Having things in writing. Confidential to a certain someone, having things in writing is so sweet, and I am thrilled for you. As well, I love it when I have things in writing from clients or other people and then something happens where they're all "unnh!" and I'm all "Unnhh! I have it right here from you, remember!" And then they're all "sorry."

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